How can I take control of my eczema?

From feeling uncomfortable trying to get to sleep in bed, to feeling itchy in your knitted jumper: eczema can impact many aspects of your everyday life. But there may be approaches and treatment options to help manage atopic eczema.

Taking control of your AD may begin with a new conversation with your doctor - whether that is a GP, dermatologist or allergist. Whether you’ve been on a set eczema treatment for a few years, or are just beginning to experience atopic dermatitis symptoms, being open with your healthcare professional will pave the way for appropriate management of AD.

We have developed key and achievable steps that can help you understand the ways your eczema affects you and maximise time with your doctor.

Explore them to find out why having a new conversation could be worthwhile for you.

Start a new conversation with your doctor today

Understand the impact of eczema

As well as very visible symptoms, eczema also has an invisible impact. Understand how it impacts you.

Plan your next appointment

Making the most out of your time with your doctor is key. See how you can maximise your appointment.

Explore all about eczema

Learn more about the visible and invisible impact of eczema. 

Eczema: consider your next steps

Communicating the impact of your eczema and what you want to achieve with your management plan is often difficult, especially when your symptoms influence aspects of your daily life that are invisible to others. But, having an honest discussion with your doctor may make a difference.

This key conversation could be an achievable step into effective management of your AD.

“It had taken every surface of my body. I wanted to go and see a professional and I wanted the help.”


Learn more about atopic dermatitis

Understanding atopic dermatitis

Learn about the causes, signs, symptoms and psychological impact of atopic dermatitis.

Your dermatology care team

Explore the roles of healthcare professionals and specialists and how they can support you.

Learn more about eczema

Discover more about atopic dermatitis. 

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